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Meta Description

There are many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods that can help your site’s visibility. Because of the sheer measure of huge scope SEO systems accessible, it tends to be barely noticeable a portion of the more modest (yet at the same time significant) assignments. For example, figuring out how to make a powerful Meta Description in WordPress is indispensable.

Meta descriptions are the content pieces showed in search engine results. As a result, they’re one of the main things a potential guest will see. Streamlining this component causes you catch their eye and imparts significant data to the search engine itself. Luckily, setting up meta descriptions is basic in the event that you utilize the free Yoast SEO module. Likewise, check our meta portrayal guides to guarantee you stand out enough to be noticed.

How meta descriptions work

When someone stumbles across your content in a search engine, they’ll typically see a title, a URL, and a short paragraph known as a meta description:

For some expected visitors, this meta portrayal assists with framing their early introduction of your site. In this manner, it assumes a huge function in whether they decide to see your substance.

You don’t have to make your own meta description. Google will consequently make one by choosing a couple of sentences it believes are applicable from your site. In any case, you’re likely in a preferable situation over Googlebot to choose how your substance should be portrayed.

Furthermore, setting up a custom meta description additionally gives data to the search engine itself. Google will focus on your meta descriptions, and use them to all the more likely comprehend what is the issue here and who it very well may be pertinent to.

Lamentably, making a meta portrayal doesn’t ensure that it will appear in Google. Different components can provoke the search engine to show its own created description all things being equal. In any case, in the event that you upgrade your meta portrayal cautiously, there’s a decent possibility it will be appeared to searchers, particularly for your objective keyword. Additionally, it will give important data to Google in any case. Subsequently, it merits figuring out how to make a meta portrayal in WordPress.

How to set a meta description in WordPress

When optimizing your site for search engines, Yoast SEO is an extremely valuable tool:

This free WordPress module offers a set-up of helpful highlights. It empowers you to make center keywords for your posts, enhance URLs, improve your substance’s clarity, and set up a meta portrayal in WordPress. Feel free to introduce Yoast SEO now, at that point continue to the initial step.

Step 1: Add a meta description to a post or page

At the point when you visit any post or page on your site in the wake of introducing Yoast SEO, you’ll locate another part underneath the WordPress proofreader:

Check out the tab labeled Enter your focus keyword. Click on the Edit Snippet button to display a few additional fields:

yoast seo meta description

As you can most likely theory, you can set a meta portrayal in WordPress by composing it into the field marked Meta Meta Description. The bar underneath will change tones to inform you as to whether your description is a decent length. Orange methods it’s too short and red demonstrates that it’s excessively long – so green is the thing that you’re focusing on:

yoast seo meta bar

Whenever you’ve added your meta portrayal, you can spare the post or page to apply it. We’ll talk about how to really make a solid meta description presently. To begin with, in any case, we should look at some connected choices offered by Yoast SEO.

Step 2: Create general meta description for your site and content types

In the event that you need, you can add a couple of extra sorts of meta descriptions to your site. To discover these choices, explore to SEO > Search Appearance in your dashboard. Under the General tab, you’ll discover another field marked Meta portrayal. This is the place where you can set a portrayal for your site’s landing page:

Yoast SEO search appearance

The Content Types tab empowers you to make a meta portrayal format that will be utilized for the entirety of your posts, and another for all pages. This is valuable on the off chance that you would prefer not to set an individual description for each bit of substance, however we do prescribe setting aside the effort to compose a novel meta portrayal at whatever point conceivable:

There are comparative fields in the Taxonomies and Archives tabs, letting you set meta descriptions explicitly for categories, tags, and archives pages. These are altogether worth rounding out, since the more data you can give Google about your site, the better it will comprehend your substance.

At the point when you’re finished setting up your meta descriptions, you might need to look at everything else Yoast SEO can do. For the time being however, we should wrap up by discussing how to compose a meta description in WordPress.


Advancing your site for search engines requires executing an assortment of methods – both huge and little. Meta descriptions may seem like little components on a superficial level, however they’re hugely important to both your human visitors and search engine bots.

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